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James Hartnett and Associates

James Hartnett Associates
Creative Marketing Solutions

James Hartnett Associates, JHA, analyzes your existing or new endeavors and identifies synergistic, catalytic and/or other opportunities. For example:

  • Looking to expand into new markets? JHA can help structure a marketing plan based on your existing assets.

  • New Product or Service? JHA can help position and package it for maximum profit and beneficial impact on your operations.

  • Displeased with the Revenue Generation Performance of your Enterprise? JHA can help by conducting an "audit" to analyze your current strategy.

  • "Stuck in a market" Margins dwindling? Major customers deliberately trying to reduce vendors? JHA can help plan alternative strategies that leverage your brand and asset resources.

  • Or, just looking for a fresh perspective? Call us. Let's talk. There is no obligation for the initial consultation. It's free and confidential.

    At JHA we specialize in creative marketing. We take the theoretical to the practical. We help you deal with change. We build tangible, profitable, deliverable, measurable programs.