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The Marketing Audit - a useful complement to the financial audit

You may have more marketing assets available to you than you are aware!

Webster defines audit as: a methodological examination and review.

A "Marketing Audit" is just that: a measurement and examination of the revenue-generating programs of your enterprise.

The Marketing Audit Outline is a set of 30 or so questions covering 8 categories. The answers to these questions, compiled by a trained marketing specialist, provide a useful tool to examine how company assets are being utilized to generate revenue.

How it works.
1. The principals of the company answer the questions in the audit.
2. The information garnered is analyzed and a presentation/report generated.
3. The results of the audit are presented to the company principals along with recommendations.

1. A comprehensive analysis of your company's marketing strategy.
2. An attempt to value your company's marketing assets, i.e.:

  • Brands
  • Products and Services
  • Distribution Channels
  • Market Share(s)
  • Competitive Advantages