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James Hartnett and Associates
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James Hartnett Associates
Creative Marketing Solutions

James Hartnett Associates has been providing creative marketing solutions since 1989. Clients have ranged from "Fortune 10" companies to inventors with new products. Markets served have run the gamut from three-dimensional graphic animation to eye surgery to sealants and caulks.

  • Who are you? The first step in any engagement is to find out where everyone stands. We listen. We learn.

  • Analysis. We think about what we have learned and develop "what if" scenarios.

  • Program development. We deliver tangible, measurable, value-laden programs that help you attain profits.

    JHA helps provide the answers to such questions as "What should your advertising budget be?" JHA does not compete with your existing marketing and advertising resources; JHA complement them.

    James Hartnett Associates specializes in creative marketing. To quote John Sculley from his book, Odyssey, "True Creative Vision comes from builders, fundamentally creative-driven people. Visionaries….see the world ahead in terms of what it can be if someone is willing to look at things in very different ways."